Training Exercises

We design an exercise programme based on the status, needs and goals of the guest. Much of this exercise programme is performed on the ward during daily activities.

We also have group exercises performed in a seated position, exercises standing up, and exercises to improve balance and fitness levels, as well as strolls around the area and more. We also offer individual exercises and treatments.

We offer a positive and encouraging atmosphere where everyone can successively increase the intensity of their exercise programme as their fitness and muscle tone returns.


Normally our guests arrive directly from the hospital and we place great importance on everyone being aware of their illness or injury, as this leads to greater comfort and safety. It is important to understand what has happened, but it is just as important to know how to progress.

We want everyone to feel confident and well prepared on their return home and to feel that the time spent with us has provided motivation to continue exercising even after returning home.


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