Occupational therapy

To cope as independently as possible is what many guests wish for when they arrive at Furuhöjden. To go to the bathroom, wash and dress are some of the most intimate and private elements of our lives and it is these activities that can be the most difficult to accomplish by yourself after a stay in a hospital. It can be difficult to perform ADL(Activities of Daily Living).

Exercises and assistive devices

At the time of admission we review the difficulties, needs and goals our guests have and the aspects that need to be worked on to achieve the level of independence our guests desire. Exercises are mostly performed during morning routines and/or at individually agreed times. We help our guests to manage washing, dressing/undressing and moving around etc by establish new routines and strategies and/or using supplementary aids.

Arm and hand training

We also have a number of activities to improve function and strenghts in arm and hand.

Creative activities

At Furuhöjden we have facilities for creative activities. You can paint, draw, play games or just sit down and talk for a while. We have many acitivities to choose from, such as fabric printing, painting baskets, painting on silk. We also offer the opportunity to be creative with clay and fire your creations in our pottery kiln.


Occupational therapists phone +468630 89 04 email: arbetsterapi@furuhojden.com