The history of Furuhöjden rehabcentre

During several years the nurses Ewa Einerth and Eva Soldan worked together at the orthopedics department at Danderyd Hospital. They discovered that it was difficult to find places for rehabilitation and they also felt that patients were not really involved in their training and planning. They discussed the problems and thoughts about what they could do about it . An idea and plan began to take shape.
In the year of 1990 they formed a corporation and started looking for a property that was suitable for rehabilitation and care. 

Unfortunately, they didn´t find anything suitable  so instead they started to  build a property.

April 27 1993, Furuhöjden rehabcenter was opened and had the ability to rehabilitate 30 patients.

The demand for rehabilitation places has increased gradually and in 2001 it was time for an expansion. 14 new rooms were added and today we run health care and rehabilitation for a total of 44 guests!

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Ewa Einerth
Eva Soldan